I started running in 2003 at the age of eight, which started me on a life-long journey within sport, both as a competitive distance athlete and a therapist.  After suffering the frustration of constant reoccurring injuries for many years, I decided I wanted to learn more about sports injuries, why they keep happening to me, and how I can help other people avoid the same perils I experienced.  This quickly sparked a passion which led me to completing my England Athletics Assistant Coach qualification in 2013, and then studying my undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University.  This degree included the study of Biomechanics; which I would go on to specialise in, but also covered a wide array of other modules in the world of sport, including: Human Physiology, Fitness Training & Testing, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Physical Activity & Health of Children.  While I am not a fully-qualified specialist in these areas, they do allow me to build a bigger understanding of the human body, which has ultimately enabled me to offer a greater range of advice to clients to complement their treatments, hence separating myself from other therapists who do not have such a background.  After graduating in 2016, I then pursued my interest in injuries further by going on to study a more specific masters degree in Biomechanics at De Montfort University in Leicester.  This focused on how the health of the foot can be improved by manufacturing good quality footwear.  For my dissertation, I conducted a major project that aimed to design a running shoe specifically for people with Cerebral Palsy.  This was something that had never been attempted before, but is also urgently needed as problems experienced with current footwear presents a major barrier to people with the condition becoming more active.

During the year I undertook various research including surveys and a practical experiment which were ultimately successful and allowed me to conceive a design for a shoe.  Therefore, it is my hope that in the near future I will be able to introduce semi bespoke and/or fully bespoke versions of this shoe onto the market.  Watch this space!


In addition to this, I have also engaged in further training, as I am a fully-qualified level 3 sports massage therapist.  As I am always enthusiastic to know more, I am currently studying for my level 4 massage qualification, amongst other Biomechanics experience.  My primary role is operating as a self-employed practitioner in and around Melton Mowbray and Loughborough, working closely with running clubs in these areas as well as well as having a lot of experience working with athletes from other sports such as cycling, rugby, football, karate, horse riding, multi-event athletic disciplines, and bodybuilding.  I have worked with athletes from a variety of backgrounds ranging from grass-roots to international and former olympic level.  I also   A large focus of my work is to improve clients' key base movements and postures during standing, walking, jogging and running.  This is something that is aided by my athletics background, as after all, running is at the core of nearly all modern day sporting activities.  My belief is that improving these will provide a foundation on which better health can be built upon.  

List of qualifications:

BSc in Sport and Exercise Science (Loughborough University)

MA in Bespoke Footwear Biomechanics (De Montfort University)

Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (ITEC)

Introduction to Gait Analysis (& extensive gait analysis experience) (Sports Therapy UK)

Sports/Athletic Taping (ITEC)

Kinesiology Taping (ITEC)

Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp (Podiatry CPD Academy)

England Athletics Assistant Coach

England Athletics Run Leader

First Aid Qualified

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Melton Wellness House,

27-29 Burton Street,

Melton Mowbray,


LE13 1AE


Six Hills Lane,

Six Hills

Melton Mowbray,

LE14 3PR

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