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All 3 workshops are available to buy for a special price of £29.99.  This is great value, as it includes over 4 hours of content.  (please scroll down to purchase and for instructions on how to do so).

Workshops 1, 2 & 3 Bundle Purchase (£29.99)

As part of the changes I am making to my business regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, I am offering to make these workshops more affordable for everyone.  Not only has the bundle purchase been reduced, but I am now also offering customers the opportunity to buy much smaller sections for a much smaller price.  The workshops have been broken down into 14 small chunks for just £2.50 each.  This allows people the opportunity to experience the benefits of these sessions without having to part with a larger sum all at once with a bulk buy.  

You can purchase the first part via the payment button below.  When you are ready to buy the next part, simply repeat this same process.  A record will be kept of your purchase, so that the relevant section is sent to you via email when you buy subsequent parts.  Alternatively, please get in contact to arrange the payments to be made by online bank transfer if you would prefer.

*Please note that by purchasing any of these workshops, you are hereby agreeing to my terms & conditions

Small Section Purchase (£2.50 each)

Purchase Instructions:

After purchasing the workshop products via the link above, you will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.  Once I have received notification that the purchase has been made, I will email you a link to view or download the video files via Dropbox.  This will allow you to download the files onto your computer/mobile device, or if you prefer, view them online.  You can start viewing the workshops within seconds of receiving the link.  Note - you do not need a Dropbox account in order to access the videos.

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