I have a medical condition - can I still receive treatment?

As there are a wide array of medical conditions that people may have, it is necessary to assess each case individually.  While there are some conditions and medications that would make the person ill-suited for sports massage treatment, there are many instances where people can still have treatment, even if it means adapting slightly to avoid certain techniques/areas.  In any case, if you do have a medical condition, even if it is temporary, it would be best to enquire before the appointment in order to avoid disappointment on the day.

I do not take part in sport and/or exercise - will I still benefit from sports massage?

Yes! I often treat non-athletes, as people usually have areas of tightness regardless of whether or not they have a sporting background. For instance, many suffer from aches and pains throughout their daily lives, perhaps from poor standing posture or sitting at a desk all day. While people who exercise a lot are perhaps likely to have more profound issues, Biomechanics in particular can improve the health of almost anyone.

I live outside your typical travel radius - can I still arrange an appointment?

I primarily operate around Melton Mowbray, Loughborough, and anywhere in-between.  However, if you live outside of these areas then I am more than happy to discuss the possibility of travelling out further, within reason.  In some of these cases I may have to charge slightly more for the extra time/travel costs, however please get in touch to discuss this as it depends on individual location.

Is there a minimum or maximum age limit to have sports massage treatment?

I do not set any strict guidelines regarding age limits for treatment. However, while I do often organise sessions for children under the age of 16, a parent/guardian must be present during the appointment.  It is also important to note that although young athletes could benefit from treatment, due to the nature of a sports massage, some children may be too young to have the mental maturity to cope.  However, as the age of maturity differs from child to child, it is reasonable that the parent/guardian can decide this.

Massage treatment can also be beneficial as we get older, so I also do not set a maximum age restriction, however it is important to note that as age increases, health conditions do become more common, which may present a contraindication to having treatment.  This too can be assessed on a case by case basis.  Regardless of age, if you do have a health condition, and you do not know whether or not this would make treatment unsafe, then please contact me before booking in to make sure.

How soon can I expect to get an appointment arranged after I contact you?

I always endeavour to arrange appointments as soon as I can so that my clients can recover from issues without any further delay. Most of the time I can usually book people in within 24-48 hours, or even the same day if you contact me in the morning.  However, this does depend on a number of factors, such as if you book on a busier than average week, and the client's availability (evenings and weekends tend to be more popular than weekday day-times).  As such, occasionally the process may take slightly longer.

What is your cancellation policy?

My policy is that any cancellations for normal appointments which give at least 48 hours notice will not be charged, and bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the session may be charged at the full rate.  However, while I do not charge for cancellations outside 48 hours, I would strongly advise clients to give as much notice as possible, as this not only limits inconvenience, but also allows enough time for the appointment to go to somebody else, which reduces waiting times.  *I am currently relaxing my cancellation policy for appointments that have to be delayed due to covid-19 only.  However, clients should not take advantage of this by stating covid-19 as a reason for a last minute cancellation, when covid-19 is in fact not involved. 

Workshop cancellation policy: Unlike conventional appointments, when I organise workshops, payment has to be made in order to secure the venue.  Therefore, for this reason I am unable to offer refunds for cancellations or no shows, so it is advised that people check their diaries carefully before booking on.

Will I need any special equipment e.g. a couch etc for my mobile session?

You do not require any special equipment, as I will bring what I need (including the couch, oils, etc.) to the appointment.

How much space will I need for you to set up for a mobile session?

I will need enough space to set up my couch and to have enough room to comfortably move around it.  Therefore, approximately 10ft x 4ft.  Most people's living rooms usually have enough space.

What will I need to wear for my appointment?

I would advise wearing your usual sports kit, preferably wearing shorts that come up to above the knee to allow easy access to the legs.  If you do not have any suitable sports kit, then loose lounge-wear is a good substitution.  It is also important however that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. 

How much do you charge for your appointments?

Information regarding my prices can be found by visiting my Services/Pricing page by clicking here.

Can I claim back the costs of my treatments through my private health insurance?

As a member of the Sports Therapy Organisation (STO) and the National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists (NAMMT), I do have the necessary affiliation to potentially enable my clients to claim back their costs of treatment for the sports massage elements of my service.  However, whether or not you qualify for this does depend upon the provider you are insured under, and your specific policy, as some providers/policies accept sports massage, while some do not.  Providers may also differ in how much of the cost you are able to claim for i.e. in full, or a certain percentage.  Therefore, if claiming back money through your insurance provider is something that may influence your decision on whether or not to receive treatment, then please check your own policy carefully before booking an appointment.  If your policy does allow you to claim for sports massage, then please ensure that the STO or the NAMMT is included in your insurer's list of accepted practitioners, as if neither of these are, then you will not be able to claim for my treatments.  Please note that the cost of my services not involving sports massage, e.g. gait analysis, cannot be claimed back through insurance providers.  If you have any further questions about claiming back treatment costs through your insurance provider, then please contact me.

Do you offer any discounts?

I do from time to time offer a variety of discounts, details of which are usually published on my Facebook page and website home page, with full details including terms and conditions on my Services/Pricing page.

I have never come across Biomechanics treatment before - is there any way I can gain a taste of what to expect prior to my first appointment?

You can now experience the benefits of my service long-distance, without the need to travel!  I now offer online Biomechanics and Injury Prevention Workshops.  Primarily aimed at sportspeople, these offer the chance for you to reduce the likelihood of sustaining injuries, and to improve your long-term joint health.  For more information on these sessions, or to make a purchase, please click here.

I hoped to attend one of your workshops, but I couldn't make it - can I still attend subsequent parts?

Most of my workshops are intended to be delivered as a 3-part series, with a natural progression throughout these sessions.  Although if you miss one of the 3 parts you can still attend subsequent workshops in the series as there will be recap, so please don't let that put you off coming along.  However, before attending workshop 3, I would strongly recommend that you first attend at least one of the first two sessions or have had a minimum of one previous appointment with myself in order to aid your understanding.