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The series as a whole is geared towards an overall structure and key goals, hence why it is recommended you follow the content in order, and not start part way through the series. However, each workshop also has its own content and aims, and some details of what to expect from each session can be found below.

Workshop 1:

Recommended Pre-requisites: None

This first session will introduce you to some information about me, my philosophy, and why I think Sports Massage and Biomechanics compliment each other so well.  Some content about the importance and benefits of sports massage will be covered.  The main focus of the session (and indeed the series) will be to introduce you to and raise awareness of the field of Biomechanics, what it is, why it is important, and what I feel are the consequences of it commonly being the 'missing link', whereby it is often substituted for 'quick fixes'.  The Biomechanics will be explored in the context of day-to-day health, and in particular in that of a sporting context, where it can be used to reduce injury and improve performance efficiency.  The practical videos will then take this knowledge further to give you some ideas about how you can start to improve your own Biomechanical alignment, by strengthening key areas of weakness in the body.

Workshop 2:

Recommended Pre-requisites: Workshop 1

Workshop 2 will build upon the knowledge learnt in workshop 1, by dedicating a large focus to skill development, including a section on exploring what the correct running technique is.  Furthermore, some key biomechanical structures will be explored, and how these may affect other areas, along with some advice to ensure optimum maintenance of these structures.  The practical will again build upon what came before by adding some power to the strength, and introducing viewers to some skill development work.  Finally, some example session plans (for beginners and more experienced athletes) will be given to help you to apply the workshop content into your everyday training practice. 

Workshop 3:

Recommended Pre-requisites: Workshops 1 & 2

This conclusion to the series will start to bring together everything that has been learnt in the series so far, and for this reason, is perhaps the most useful in terms of what you can take away from it.  Largely practical based, this session will advance upon the basic level of skill development first introduced in workshop 2, with the aim of now being able to achieve a noticeable improvement in running technique.  Finally, there will also be a session covering some important theory points not covered by workshops 1 and 2.

List of topics covered in the workshop series:

☑️ Importance of/when to have a, Sports Massage

☑️ What is/the importance of, Biomechanics

☑️ Lifestyle effects

☑️ Everyday forces acting upon the body

☑️ Importance of a warm-up

☑️ Posture correction

☑️ Strength development

☑️ Key Biomechanical structures of the body

☑️ Stretching – when and how

☑️ Cooldowns

☑️ Basic and advanced technical development

☑️ Fundamental skill development

☑️ Example session plans

☑️ Power development

☑️ Foot strike

☑️ Good vs. Bad Running Form

☑️ Drills to improve technique

Coming Soon - Additional Workshops:

Biomechanics in Children and Adolescents: (AVAILABLE FOR FREE DURING THE LOCKDOWN!)

Recommended Prerequisites: None (main series optional)

This brand new 90-minute add-on workshop which offers a mix of theory and practical-based content, has been devised to specifically focus on the Biomechanics of Children and Adolescents. This includes in everyday life, but also with a special focus on examples within sport.  Young people often put a lot of stress on their muscles and joints, particularly since the invention of modern technologies.  This too is the case within sport, where a lot of mistakes are often made when it comes to training youth athletes.  It is therefore imperative to to be aware of these potential errors in order to avoid creating long-term damage to their joint health - something that may hinder them in later life.  After all, prevention is the best cure, and it's much better to form good habits while they're young!

Who should watch this?

This workshop has been set up so that the content will ultimately benefit young children all the way through to around late teens.  The content is great for coaches of athletes in these age groups to give them knowledge of what to look out for, along with parents/guardians, as they too have the power to have a strong influence on their child's behaviour.  As the content is in places quite complex, these sessions aren't really suitable for younger children to watch themselves, however, older children (approximately 12+) would benefit from watching the videos also.  After all, it is all well and good giving our athletes something to do, but this is rather pointless without telling them WHY what we are telling them to do is necessary.  It is only with this extra attention to detail where we can get maximum buy-in from them, when they start to understand why something is important.  For this reason, I have chosen to make the videos fairly interactive in places, to create an overall educative experience for a wider audience, younger and older (which is particularly useful while the kids are off school during the lockdown!) 

How do I access this?

I am offering this for FREE during the lockdown to anyone who likes my Facebook page.  Once you have done this, and sent me a message informing me you would like access to the workshop, then I shall send you a Dropbox link where you can view the videos online, or download them.  Note - you do not need to have a Dropbox account to access the videos.

List of content covered in this workshop:


☑️ What is Biomechanics & why it is important

☑️ The physics behind Biomechanics

☑️ Interactive Quiz

☑️ The effects of everyday habits on our standing posture

☑️ Sitting posture

☑️ Training the Immature Skeleton


☑️ How to stand/walk with good posture

☑️ Strength and Conditioning

☑️ Fundamental skill development

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