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I am pleased to announce that during the lockdown, my 3-part online workshop bundle will be available at a discounted rate of just £29.99!  Not only that, but I will soon be releasing an all-new workshop specifically looking at Biomechanics in Children and Adolescents.  I will be offering this 90 minute workshop for FREE during the lockdown.  This should give parents and older children the perfect opportunity to learn more about joint health in younger populations.  There has never been a better time for online learning, and keeping on top of your health, so these offers should help you to do just that!

These Biomechanics and Injury Prevention Workshops are designed to help individuals improve their sporting performances by helping to reduce injury and increase efficiency.  Not only this, but these sessions will also help to improve everyday postural health by alleviating muscle imbalances caused by everyday living habits such as sitting at desks and driving.

Previously, I have delivered conventional workshops to a group audience, and as beneficial as these can be, they are not ideal in the sense that it carries a need for individuals to travel to a venue, they exclude people based further afield, the date and time cannot suit everyone, and you cannot easily revisit the content to refresh your memory.  However, creating a downloadable workshop eliminates all of these problems as you can work through the sessions at your own pace, at a time that suits you, without the need to travel, and as you can keep the videos, you can revisit them at any time!

Who are these sessions aimed at?

The main series of workshops are targeted towards anyone who is involved in sport such as athletes and coaches.  While some of the content will likely be of benefit to higher level performers and non-athletes, the main target audience is grass-roots athletes.  Furthermore, the content is geared most of all towards runners, who I feel will gain the most benefit.  Although, having said that, athletes from other sports that require running (such as team sports like football, rugby and netball, etc.) will also likely get a significant benefit from their engagement also.  This is because running essentially makes up the foundation of nearly every activity, so even with other skills involved, an efficient running style will still likely result in a more efficient performance with fewer injuries.


I have also produced an add-on workshop specifically focusing on the Biomechanics of Children and Adolescents in a sporting context, and in everyday life.  Please see the 'Workshop Information' page for more information on this. 

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