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I operate primarily as a mobile sports therapist in Loughborough, Melton Mowbray and surrounding villages. I believe this is beneficial to my clients because it gives the added convenience of not having to travel to an appointment, allowing them to more easily fit it around their busy schedule, being in a comfortable, familiar environment, and not having to drive home after treatment. For those who prefer an in-clinic appointment, I also now offer treatments on Wednesdays at Melton Wellness House (Burton St, Melton Mowbray).

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Initial Consultation

Follow-up Appointments

Gait Analysis

Sports Taping

I offer appointments during weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Depending on factors such as location and availability, I also consider appointments outside the areas mentioned above, particularly for potential two-together appointments. Please enquire for more details.  

My prices are as follows:

(Info regarding each service and discounts can be found below)







Please note the following:

  • Payment will be taken via cash, cheque or card at the time of the appointment.

  • A car parking space must be available at the location of the appointment.

  • Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 48 hours notice must be given for cancellations.  Any appointments cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the session may incur the full charge.

  • If you are booking a taping session, it is advised that you shave the area to be taped prior to the session (particularly if you are very hairy), and you keep the skin dry, and free from moisturisers and oils to enable the tape to stick better. 


Student Discount:

With treatments starting from as little as £30, my services are very affordable for full time students aged 16+


If you book a mobile session with at least one other person, you can gain a two-together discount (up to a maximum of four people)

What to Expect:

Initial Consultation: 

This first appointment is longer than the others to allow extra time for the background history relevant to the patient's biomechanics to be recorded.  Following this, a biomechanical assessment will be performed, followed by relevant sports massage treatment to relieve the pains/tightness specific to the patient.  Lastly; and perhaps most crucially, suitable aftercare advice will be given to ensure improvement of the problem can be made outside of appointment times.

Follow-up Appointments:

Although every effort is made to correct a patient's dysfunction as quickly as possible, it is likely that at least one follow-up appointment will be recommended to monitor the improvement of a complaint and to offer further treatment. After all, a biomechanical improvement should be thought of as a process, rather than a quick fix whereby the longevity of any improvement will be extremely limited. These appointments will usually consist of a short consultation for familiarisation of any new developments, followed by further sports massage treatment to aid the dysfunction further.  Patients should feel a significant improvement in their level of pain, tightness or level of sporting performance after the biomechanical treatment has run its course, making them feel as though they don't need to book in as often for follow-up treatment.  However, despite this, many individuals feel a benefit from booking in from time to time for sports massage treatment in an 'MOT' capacity to prevent the return or development of new tightness/injuries.  After all, even with perfect biomechanics, the body will still eventually tighten, particularly if the individual does a lot of sport!

Length of follow-up appointment:

A typical follow-up session is approximately 1 hour in length. To realistically give enough time to cover everything in good detail, I would recommend 1 hour follow-ups for most of my clients, based upon the level of dysfunction I typically see in clients.


However, some customers may choose to opt for a 30 minute follow-up session, if for instance their body is fairly well-maintained, tightness is kept on top of, and therefore they only need a few things addressing. Or perhaps, the client might want to save money by having a shorter session.  In which case, 30 minute follow-ups are available on a trial-basis until the end of 2019, and if successful, I will carry these forward on a more permanent basis.  30 minute sessions are available on Wednesdays at Melton Wellness House, or as a mobile session within Melton Mowbray itself only (normal travel radius only applies with two-together option).

*Please note that, unless stated otherwise, it will be assumed that any clients booking in for a follow-up session wish to have the standard 1 hour session.

Walking/Running Gait Analysis: 

An additional service I provide is a full body gait analysis, which involves studying the body in motion during walking and/or running.  This is an effective tool that can be used to highlight biomechanical imbalances present in the body, and as running makes up the foundation of nearly any sport, it has the advantage of being relevant to people who take part in sport and exercise at any level, in addition to those who may experience aches and pains on a general day-to-day basis.  This is something I may recommend to patients as part of their treatment e.g. as a follow-up appointment, as it will compliment the biomechanical assessment performed in the initial consultation.  Likewise, this is also something that is suitable for people who are not looking for a full treatment plan, but want to find out more about how they can make their body more biomechanically balanced for the purposes of reducing injury or improvement of sporting performance.  So you know what to expect, you can read a sample gait analysis report by clicking on the link below.

Where will the gait analysis take place?

As I operate a mobile service, clients have varying degrees of space available in their house, and while a basic walking gait analysis can be performed in most cases, even the bigger houses don't usually provide a suitable environment to do anything thorough. Therefore, these sessions will take place in a local outdoor place; at the convenience of both the client and myself, where there is a flat, predictable surface. While if a client has access to a treadmill in their home it can be performed here also, in my experience many people feel more comfortable walking and running in an outdoor environment where they feel they can move more naturally, and feel a greater sense of balance.  

How will the gait analysis be done?

After a short initial familiarisation, the patient will be filmed from different angles while walking and/or running.  This footage will then be analysed post-appointment, and a short report of the findings will be sent to the patient which will also contain recommendations of how to correct any biomechanical dysfunction that has been identified.  As an alternative, clients are also welcome to record the footage themselves and send it to me.  This is done at a discounted rate of just £40.  


How is this different to a gait analysis provided by a sports shop?

Many runners have a gait analysis provided by a sports shop when choosing an appropriate pair of shoes for their feet.  While this is not a bad thing to do, in most cases this is only a very short, basic analysis, and is not usually performed by a biomechanical specialist.  Therefore, by having an appointment dedicated specifically to this, it gives the opportunity to learn much more about your body.  Also, crucially, most sports shops will provide only a very localised analysis of the feet and lower leg.  While this is undoubtedly effective for choosing appropriate footwear, it does not consider the bigger picture, by analysing other areas of the body.  For instance, I strongly believe in a 'top-down' approach whereby what goes on further up in the body often contributes to dysfunction of the lower limb.  Therefore, it is only by considering the body as a whole that these problems can be addressed.

A sample report can be downloaded here:


Sports Taping:

During your appointment, depending upon the ailment you have, I may recommend sports taping and/or athletic taping/strapping to compliment your treatment.  Taping has a variety of benefits including:


  • Mechanical support

  • Increased coordination (proprioceptive feedback)

  • Promotes healing

  • Reduces Inflammation/swelling

  • Lymphatic Drainage


Taping can either be applied at the end of a regular session to support the treatment and aftercare, or it can be used in a seperate session either at Melton Wellness House, or in Melton itself.  Some athletes may opt for this, for example, as a precautionary measure to protect a niggling injury before a competition, or to protect an area of acute injury in the first couple days after the trauma has occurred (where hands-on treatment is not yet suitable) - please see above for pricing details.

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