By purchasing online content from this website you are agreeing to the following:

1.  By paying for the digital goods on this website, you are purchasing one license  to use the content.  One license is also granted by downloading goods offered free of charge.

2.  One license permits the use of the online digital downloads for all individuals residing in a single place of residence.

3.  It is expressly forbidden for any user to share their download link, or downloaded files with any person who lives in any place of residence other than their own.  This will be considered as an act of piracy and will be taken very seriously.

4.  Copying of any original material included in the digital products (e.g. presentation slides,narration) for business use without permission is also forbidden.

5.  The host of the online content (Will Goodbourn) reserves the right to deny or revoke access of the content to/from any individual if it is suspected they are using their license in a way that has the potential to damage the host's business in some way, for example as stated in the above points.

6.  Refund Policy:  Refunds for digital content on this website will only be given in the following circumstance:

-  Where the video(s) do not work due to technical issues.  In this case, the issue must be reported within 30 days of purchase, and must be accompanied by reasonable proof of the problem (e.g. photographic or video evidence).  Any problems must also be due to a fault with the hosting website, and will not include user-related issues (such as a slow internet download speed).

7.  Please note that the online workshops posted on this site are intended for myself (Will Goodbourn) to share with like-minded individuals my professional knowledge, opinions and personal experiences in the field of Biomechanics and Injury Prevention to help people in their personal lives.  Although professionals such as physiotherapists, sports therapists, biomechanists et al. may view this content, the online workshops are not intended as certified training courses offering qualifications for these individuals.

8.  The online workshops are intended for those who wish to increase their knowledge of preventing injuries from occurring.  It is therefore not intended as a replacement for a thorough individual treatment plan to target specific injuries.  It is assumed that any individual engaging in the practical elements of these workshops is in an injury-free state, and in sufficient health to be able to do so.  Therefore no responsibility will be taken for any injuries that occur/are worsened as a result of engaging in these activities.  While precautions have been taken to ensure that the enclosed content is safe for engagement, and that the vast majority of people are able to engage in exercise without any health concerns, physical exercise always carries a small risk of injury and/or risk of health concern.  Therefore, if any individual wishing to engage with this course content has a current ongoing injury or health concern which may present as a contraindication to participation, it is advised they first seek advice from a medical professional before participating.


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